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Welcome to the Ogden Area

Much of Ogden’s history stems from its service as a major railway hub, and it still handles a substantial amount of railway freight traffic today, making it a convenient location for manufacturing and commerce. Ogden is a bustling hub for business, education, recreation and government. Weber State University is located here as is Browning Cancer Treatment Center, Convergys Corp and Home Depot.

The cities, towns, and neighborhoods that make up the Ogden area include:

Office Locations in the Community

6033 Fashion Point Dr Unit 100, South Ogden, UT 84403
Phone: (801) 476-2800
Fax: (801) 475-1111
Office Site

2225 S Washington Blvd Ste 100, Ogden, UT 84401
Phone: (801) 479-9300
Fax: (801) 479-0127
Office Site

Fun Facts

  • Snowbasin is one of the oldest continually running ski resorts in the United States
  • Snowbasin has a youth snowboard learning park called Burton Dinosaur Riglet Park and, you guessed it, it’s DINO-themed!
  • Legend has it that in the 1920’s crime boss Al Capone himself commented that Ogden was too wild a town even for him.

Living in the Ogden Area

Many neighborhoods around Ogden are beginning to see redevelopment of the beloved historic districts. The older architecture of this area is extremely important to the residents of Ogden and several revitalized areas are popping up, like the historic 25th St. and the Gramercy neighborhood. Housing is largely smaller brick ramblers but there are plenty of larger, more modern homes as you move up the East Bench of the city.

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