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Welcome to the Layton Area

Located in Davis County just 25 minutes north of downtown Salt Lake City, Layton was settled in the 1850s. Steady growth occurred through the early 1900s and in 1940, just prior to the beginning of WWII, Hill Air Force Base was opened. The population exploded as war workers streamed into the area.

The cities, towns, and neighborhoods that make up the Layton area include:

Office Locations in the Community

1597 N Woodland Park Dr., Layton, UT 84041-5694
Phone: (801) 774-1500
Fax: (801) 774-1501
Office Site

801 N 500 West Ste 100, Bountiful, UT 84010
Phone: (801) 295-2700
Fax: (801) 298-1291
Office Site

Fun Facts

  • It is illegal to enter a Kaysville convenience store after dark without identification.
  • There have been many supposed sightings of Big Foot in the area.

Living in the Layton Area

Layton is a fairly conservative area where many of the community events and happenings are focused on the military faction of the population. Because of this foundation, Layton’s residents are largely very charitable and enjoy helping their neighbors.

All types of recreation are easily accessible from the Layton area. Mountains, lakes and hiking trails are all within a few minutes of this great city. Antelope Island, the largest island in the Great Salt Lake, is directly accessible to the west of Layton. The island and its endless natural beauty hosts large herds of bighorn sheep, American bison and other wild species.

Housing is a mixture of established homes and newer construction as the population has expanded rapidly in recent years.

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