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The Avenues, known locally as The Aves, is a neighborhood on the North Bench of Salt Lake City. It’s named after the rows and rows of avenues laid out in a perfect grid pattern. First officially surveyed in the 1850s, this area was Salt Lake City’s first neighborhood. Today, The Aves is generally considered younger and more progressive than other Salt Lake neighborhoods.

The cities, towns, and neighborhoods that make up The Avenues include:

Office Locations in the Community

2733 E Parleys Way Ste 202 Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: (801) 467-9000
Fax: (801) 486-2777
Office Site

2180 S 1300 East Ste 140 Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: (801) 488-5300
Fax: (801) 485-4468
Office Site

Fun Facts

  • Much of the area that is The Avenues was made up of fruit orchards back at the turn of the century.
  • Back in the early 1900’s there used to be a trolley that would run up the hill to 9th Ave.

Living in the Avenues area

Many young professionals choose to live here because of the easy commute to downtown where they can take advantage of the culture and the restaurant scene. The Avenues’ eclectic and eccentric vibe is reflected in its narrow, steep sloping streets, short blocks and one-of-a-kind architecture. Homes are vastly old Victorian architecture with a few contemporary designs thrown in for good measure.

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