A Natural Way to Observe Earth Day: 5 Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners

Give it up for Mother Nature. On April 22, celebrate the art of going green by checking out these back-to-basics brands that make it their mission to sanitize just about every surface (and individual!) in your home – safely and naturally.

  1. While yummy-smelling hand wash is quite possibly its most popular product, Method also offers everything from pink grapefruit dishwasher soap to laundry items like beach sage dryer sheets and stain remover. It strives to use biodegradable ingredients and designs packaging with maximum recyclability in mind. The company takes an appealing, humorous approach to the very serious business of protecting Mama Earth, with a humanifesto that promises to “see that guinea pigs are never used as guinea pigs” and declares its firm belief that “good always prevails over stinky.” Find it here.

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  2. Among the bestsellers listed on the Eco-Me website are its wood polish, carpet freshener and stainless steel polish, but the company offers cleaning solutions that run the gamut. It seems that every member of your household is covered as well, including little ones and family members with sensitive skin. Under the pet care link you can even find pH-balanced and veterinarian-approved shampoos, conditioner and detangler. The entire lineup is touted as being pleasantly free from harsh chemicals, fumes, sulfates, perfumes and dyes. Find it here.
  3. Originally focusing on health – its signature offering in 1868 was a pain-relieving liniment – J.R. Watkins branched out into the home care line in 2007. Sporting pleasingly old-fashioned-looking labels, items like its lemon toilet bowl cleaner, and aloe and green tea all-purpose wipes are formulated using non-toxic, plant-based ingredients that are biodegradable and phosphate-free. Find it here.

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  • While HAVEN has the usual catalog of glass cleaners and laundry detergents, its lemon scrub scour powder is specifically worth a mention for being truly multi-purpose. Containing no synthetic ingredients or detergents, it is intended to make your shower doors sparkle and, when used as a soaking agent, render your fruits and veggies ready-to-eat! Now that’s a trick. Check out the handy guide of creative cleaning tips listed on its website for surprising ways to employ a variety of its versatile products. Find it here.
  • Claiming that it delivers a “clean you can trust,” Seventh Generation features a full range of merchandise (including diapers and paper trash bags, in addition to the usual lineup of cleaners) that is bio-based. According to the USDA, this means “composed in whole, or in significant part, of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural materials or forestry materials.” Asserting that it operates with the welfare of the next seven generations topmost in mind, the company helpfully prints all ingredients right on the label. Find it here.
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    So take a peek under your kitchen sink this April and do some real spring cleaning: Toss out a few of your smelliest, most chemical-laden bottles and make room for healthier, gentler formulations. We’re pretty certain Mother would approve.

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