This Valentine’s Day, don’t stress over reservations at the hot new bistro in town, and forget about shopping for the perfect expression of your love. Instead, commit to staying in, cozying up and sharing a little quality couple time at home.


Breathe Deeply and Relax

Candle for Zen spa

Indulge in a spa day – DIY style! – with little luxuries like foot massages and backrubs. Aromatic candles in warm scents such as lavender and vanilla will set the tone for a sweet and pampering evening in with your favorite person.


Turn Down the Lights

Closeup front view of a mid 20's happy couple watching tv in bed on lazy weekend morning. They are eating some snacks and having sodas. The guy is changing the channels.

Choose a flick from your early days together or an old black-and-white you’ve both always wanted to see. Whip up some tasty snacks and hold hands as if you’re in the theater – all the fun of a movie date night without having to stand in line for tickets and brave the traffic.


Heat Things Up in the Kitchen

Lovely couple making salad in the kitchen.

Get adventurous and attempt a new recipe together – maybe a dessert from your favorite local restaurant, or a dish that symbolizes your first date. Get creative with a menu item that reminds you both how fun it is to share a new experience and collaborate on a project together. Bonus: You get to taste what you make! And if it all turns out horribly wrong, just keep it simple by ordering in and then snuggling up.


Ignite Some Friendly Competition

young couple playing chess while sitting at table at home

Head to the game closet and choose a few classics to while the night away. Lay some blankets and pillows on the living room floor to stretch out and get comfy. Sometimes a rousing round of Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit is just what you need to feel like a kid again.


Stroll Down Memory Lane

Shot of a senior couple leafing through their wedding albumhttp://

Dig up some old photos, pull out the scrapbook or go old school and dust off the VCR. Then settle in on the couch for a nostalgic look at your big day, your first date or a fabulous vacation. Pore over images that you likely haven’t reviewed in ages to reminisce and tell stories about the amazing memories you share.


Spend the sweetest day of the year with your honey at home. This February there are plenty of ways to celebrate the warmth of your love without ever having to step foot outside in the cold!