Youthful energy, daring innovation and noteworthy tenacity. All traits of successful millennial professionals. And some of the many great attributes that make up Molly Jones, an independent agent of the Coldwell Banker Salt Lake-Avenues office.

Molly knew from the get-go that real estate was her calling, and followed her passion by receiving a degree in Real Estate and Business from the University of San Diego and later putting her newfound knowledge to the test by practicing the trade in Utah’s capital.

Her success in the real estate industry has been tremendous, and in a short time, Molly has been able to solidify herself as one of the most successful young agents in the region.

She made the cut for Coldwell Banker’s 30 Under 30, a list that recognizes the top affiliated real estate professionals under the age of 30 who have achieved success in sales, philanthropy and leadership. She was also honored in Utah Business’ 20 in their 20’s list which highlighted young professionals who have climbed above their peers on the corporate ladder, have launched successful ventures, or are already making waves in their industries.

We decided to hear from Molly herself on her passion for real estate, road to success and working and living in Utah.


Congrats on being awarded Coldwell Banker’s 30 Under 30 award and Utah Business Magazine’s Top 20 in their 20s! What does it mean to you to be included in these prestigious lists?
Real estate has always been a passion for me. I jumped into this career because it’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and while I never started my career for with any intent on receiving awards, it really serves as validation that I know I’m in the right industry. I love getting up every day and working for my clients, and being recognized on these lists helps motivate me to continue to do my best to give my clients unmatched service.

Coldwell Banker was founded on youth. In your opinion, how are today’s young professionals helping shape the real estate world?
I think young professionals really have their finger on the pulse of new technologies, marketing techniques, and they think outside the box when it comes to defining service for their clients. I feel that today’s young professionals help hold everyone, rookie or veteran, to a higher standard because they’ve redefined clients’ expectations of service. It’s easy to get complacent in the way we operate, and when your competition is doing different things, it forces you to adapt and really reflect on how you can better yourself, and this helps everyone in the industry.

What skills are young real estate professionals bringing to the industry that weren’t seen before?
Real estate has obviously come very dependent on technology – while many people are simply using technology to make their lives easier and facilitate transactions for clients, a lot of younger professionals have shifted their focus to use technology to INCREASE service, not just streamline it. I’ve always loved the doors that new apps and programs offer, because they enable me to do more for my clients than ever before, and in ways that very few agents are doing. For example, I utilize an email program that tracks every transaction deadline and can include lenders, escrow officers, inspectors, and anyone else involved in the transaction. It automatically inserts a timeline into my and my client’s phone calendars so that they know what to expect at every stage of the transaction, and can link them directly to all their relevant transaction documents for easy review. While this service is certainly a time saver for my client, it also offers a much more comprehensive overview of their whole transaction, empowering them to understand the process fully and get their questions answered in live-time.

How are you using your skills to better serve your clients?
I have always focused on my job as a service, not a sales position. With that mindset, I’ve treated my business differently than many others in the industry. I have prioritized education, recognizing that you can’t gain experience without being in your field for a long time; but being educated doesn’t have the same time constraints attached to it, and is a great way to set yourself apart when you’re younger than most of your competition. I received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of San Diego in Real Estate, and specifically attended that school because they were one of the few to offer this program. Additionally, I’m currently attending the University of Utah for a Master’s of Real Estate Development. The comprehensive curriculum offers a unique perspective that goes far beyond what I would receive with just experience and tenure in the industry. Combining these skills with my competency in technology, I’ve been able to perform well above all the market statistics for our industry, which ultimately helps my clients achieve their goals. Only about 70{b0691beea1c2f39bd1c58efe4ba0816740a602e2685bc83cc0a70ecfa3fcdf10} of listed homes sell in our market, and I’ve been able to combine my market knowledge and data analysis experience to truly define the price at which a home will sell. Pricing a home right and using innovative marketing, I’ve been able to successfully sell 100{b0691beea1c2f39bd1c58efe4ba0816740a602e2685bc83cc0a70ecfa3fcdf10} of all the listings I’ve ever taken. I think my unique perspective on the industry has enabled me to understand the importance of treating every transaction personally – what sells one home won’t sell another, and while it’s easy to get into a routine, what works for one home will not work for another. There’s no exact science to selling a home or finding a home for a client, but I believe there is a relationship between the passion and dedication you have for a client, and the level of success that comes from that transaction.

Why should other young professionals enter the real estate field?
When I first started in real estate, I spoke to a number of experienced agents and asked them if they could go back in time, what they would do differently with their careers. The response was the same from all of them: they would have started in real estate earlier. The biggest source for income in real estate is from referrals, and you can’t get those until you’ve worked in the industry a while. There’s immense opportunity in this field, and if you’re willing to work hard for it and ride the ups and downs of market fluctuations, you can create long-term success – as long as you’re always putting your clients first!

What makes Utah a great place to live and work for young professionals?
It’s no secret that the Utah job market is among the strongest in the nation. While our cost of living (and housing) has gone up over the last few years, it is still an incredibly affordable place to live when you consider all the opportunities that lie here for professional endeavors. Not to mention, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world! There is something so surreal about being able to live in an urban area that’s completely surrounded by mountains. No amount of population growth, shift in technology or market conditions can take that feature away. I feel like Utah will always be a one-of-a-kind place to live. I’ve worked with many relocation clients, and their most positive feedback about Utah is always about how great the work-life balance is here; being able to work in the morning and take a few runs on the slopes in the afternoon, or get to the top of a mountain after work and be home before sunset is something that anyone who has lived in a bigger city can really appreciate.

What advice do you wish someone would’ve given you when you first entered the real estate industry?
When I started, I took a very calculated approach, and realized very quickly that this industry is unlike so many others in that it is completely unpredictable and you can’t go into it with any expectations. The only thing you can control is how hard you work and how well you treat your clients, and if you focus on that, everything else will fall into place. You can’t force anything to happen, and while it’s easy to get discouraged starting out without any clients or prospects, the minute you focus on anything other than serving others to the best of your abilities, you take away your chances of success.  Don’t focus on sales; focus on service, and the sales will follow.


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