Seven Secrets for Stress-Free Entertaining

The key to happiness when it comes to hosting a holiday gathering is organization. There’s a simple method to the planning that can make the process relaxed, enjoyable and yes, even stress-free!

Keep It Casual – Throw together a cocktail party rather than a formal, sit-down dinner. A buffet-style setup or a scattering of tasty bites that guests can easily manage while holding a drink in the other hand are all you need to feed the crowd and keep them happy.

Deck the Halls – The best thing about hosting around the holidays is that your party decorating is virtually done! Bells and bows and any other festive details already adorning the house this time of year will set the tone perfectly…and take one thing off your party-planning to-do list.

Jot It Down – Speaking of to-do lists, write down everything that needs to get done before the first guest arrives at your doorstep, so you can easily prioritize. Nothing brings on a hosting headache faster than realizing at the eleventh hour that you forgot to pick up ice. Check tasks off your list as you complete them to keep you on track and feeling in control.

Punch It Up – Whip up a delicious cocktail punch in a pretty bowl so revelers can help themselves. You don’t want to get stuck concocting mixed drinks and taking special requests all evening. Bottled beer, an assortment of wines and a punch are all you need to keep the good times flowing.

Prep Ahead – Plan to serve foods that can be cooked in advance or require little prep work. Cheese and fruit assortments or shrimp platters can be assembled earlier so you aren’t sweating it out in the kitchen the day of your soiree.

Grab a Seat – Arrange to have extra seating out of the way but on hand in case it’s needed. Borrow a few folding chairs ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling to find comfortable accommodations when your affair begins to wind down and folks are ready to just sit and relax.

Join the Party – Last but not least, remember to smile and have fun! Don’t allow the planning of the event to take away from the joy of having friends and family together for a jolly good time.

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