Top Five Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City

Finding a good cup of coffee in Utah isn’t a hard task. The Beehive State’s burgeoning and enthusiastic coffee culture creates a unique scene that embraces the nuances of Salt Lake City and an underground culture coming to the forefront.

Visit these local shops in Salt Lake City to get a sip of some of the state’s best places to get a cup of joe.

Alchemy Coffee
A laid-back atmosphere mixed in with a hard-rock vibe is what Alchemy Coffee is all about. Along with great coffee, customers are also treated to a delicious food menu which includes freshly-made quiche.

Blue Copper Coffee Room
Nestled in the central ninth district of Salt Lake City, Blue Copper is a smallish coffee roasting company that serves coffee beverages using coffee beans imported from Nicaragua and Colombia. The interior is a mix of a clean, neutral color palette, interesting industrial lines and rustic warmth.

Caffe d’Bolla
Caffe d’Bolla uses only single origin coffees from what they call micro-regions, small farms and estates. They also primarily use a siphon coffee maker, a system that uses boiling water and a vacuum effect to extract the flavor from the grinds.

Jack Mormon Coffee
Not only does Jack Mormon Coffee offer a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, the shop also sells the freshest roasted coffee you can get. Beans are roasted daily ensuring customers walk out the door in half an hour with freshly grounded coffee beans.

La Barba
La Barba serves a mix of fair trade, direct trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees. The company has two cafes on the University of Utah campus and maintains a fun, creative vibe all while serving delicious cups of joe.

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