Five of the Best Places to Scream for Ice Cream in Utah

July is officially National Ice Cream Month – a month where we can indulge in the sweet and creamy treat without feeling any of the guilt. The holiday was created in 1984 when former president Ronald Reagan “recognized ice cream as a fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by over 90 percent of the nation’s population,” according to the International Dairy Foods Association. And we can’t disagree. Because when it comes to ice cream, we’ll scream all year long – or at least all month long for this little scoop of heaven.

Here are our top five places in the state to celebrate National Ice Cream Month:


Roll With It Creamery

Image via Roll With It Creamery

Taking the title of the very first Thai rolled ice cream shop in the entire state of Utah, Roll With It Creamery literally delivers little rolls of delicious ice cream combinations. The entire process is created right in front of your eyes – starting from scratch.


Angie’s Restaurant

Image via Angie’s Restaurant

Known as the place “where locals eat,” Angie’s provides a hometown feel coupled with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options. For dessert, the restaurant’s popular dish is the “Sink,” which is a large trough of ice cream served in a container that looks like a kitchen sink. If a group orders the “Sink” and finishes it, they get a bumper sticker that proclaims, “I Cleaned The Sink at Angie’s.”


The Frozen Udder Ice Cream Parlor

Image via The Frozen Udder

Another challenge-seeker hot spot is the Frozen Udder Ice Cream Parlor which hosts “The Bucket” challenge, which challenges customers to consume half a gallon of Premium Farrs Ice Cream (16 scoops of any flavor). If the customer finishes off “The Bucket” in 15 minutes or less, they will get their money back, a free t-shirt and their picture on the “Wall of Fame.” Now that’s a reason to scream for ice cream!


Dolcetti Gelato

Image via Dolcetti Gelato

This artistic shop is not only great for eye candy – thanks to the many unique design elements seen throughout the store – but it also provides you with sweet, smooth and creamy gelato flavors that bring the taste of Italy to Utah. Make sure to try out one of their most popular flavors, Coconut Sticky Rice.


Leatherby’s Family Creamery

Image via Leatherby’s Family Creamery

The award-winning ice cream in Leatherby’s Family Creamery is no joke. The shop hand makes all their rich, high butterfat premium ice cream in their creamery to ensure a fresh and delicious product. In addition to ice cream, Leatherby’s produces baked goods, cookies and candies.

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