Brace Yourself and Hold on Tight for Some Amusement Park Fun

Last year, the top 20 amusement parks in the United States and Canada attracted 148 million thrill seekers, according to the global attractions attendance report.

Because July is traditionally a very busy month, it’s a good bet attractions in the Salt Lake City area such as Lagoon, Seven Peaks and Cherry Hill could be as hectic as ever.

So, follow these theme park tips to get around those frustrating lines and you’ll find yourself wanting to go back again and again!


  • TripAdvisor says to avoid peak times. Midweek is ideal, especially Mondays and Tuesdays which tend to be the least crowded. Most crowds can be found on weekends.
  • Head to the park early in the morning to avoid big crowds and secure a primo parking spot.
  • Consider going to the park even if the forecast isn’t promising. Parkgoers will cancel if rain is in the forecast, meaning smaller crowds.
  • Don’t start with attractions and rides close to the main entrance, because that’s what everyone will do. Instead, plan your route in advance and make your way around the park counter clockwise. Also, note the direction people tend to follow and head the opposite way.
  • Get on rides when events such as parades and shows are going on. This is when visitors stop to watch, meaning you’ll spend less time waiting in line.
  • Ride popular attractions during nighttime shows such as fireworks. Families with youngsters tend to leave the park then, making for smaller crowds.
  • Check if the park has an app. It can tell you wait times, saving you from discovering the line is more than an hour long when you get there.
  • If you’re alone, or if you are willing to split up with your partner and not mind riding with a stranger, look for the single-riders line. Those tend to have much shorter wait times.
  • Get express passes for when times are busy. If the passes are cheap, you probably can do without them because the park won’t be as busy.


Now, get up the courage to ride that roller coaster and scream as loud as you want!

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