Five Breathtaking Feature Walls for Your Spring Wedding

It’s no secret that spring is a popular time to tie the knot – simply scan your Instagram and Pinterest feeds for a galore of pastel-colored, flower-decorated wedding ideas. And while we can’t deny the thrill we get when looking at all the pretty arches, table cloths, centerpieces and party favors, we do think glam feature walls are seriously underrated.

With hopes of inspiring you to incorporate this beautiful trend into your springtime wedding (or any other festivity!) we’re letting you in on these five A+ versions of feature walls.


Flowers – You can never go wrong with a flower wall – especially with pretty pastel colors like pink, blue and white. Rest assured that this wedding classic will never get old.

Image via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


Donuts – There’s something irresistibly delicious about doughnuts – so why not incorporate the scrumptious dessert into a funny yet beautiful photo backdrop? Your guests will surely get a kick out of the unique idea.

Image via Cosmopolitan


Dangling Lights – For a more romantic vibe, use string or hanging twinkle lights to add a sparkle to any type of wedding reception. Because when it comes to glow, you can never go wrong.

lights copy
Image via Deer Pearl Flowers


Industrial Geometric – This unique piece makes a huge statement while providing opportunities for edge photos. A display like this can be rolled out in any space, but looks best in a venue with an industrial vibe.

Image via Etsy


Nature-InspiredThink of it as Mother Nature’s wedding present and embrace the budget-friendly backdrop of a majestic tree. All you’ll need to add is some flowy material and a little extra greenery.

Image via Ira + Lucy


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