Rethink Your Home’s Spaces with Stikwood

If you’re looking to add some flair to your walls without spending a considerable amount of time and effort, then you might want to consider giving the peel-and-stick product known as Stikwood, a try. In three simple steps, the wood planks, available in multiple finishes and aesthetic styles, transform ordinary walls into works of art.

While we know Stikwood is great for accenting walls, we wonder, what other places in our homes can the product work its magic? Let’s take a look at these DIY projects that prove that Stikwood can grace more than a home’s walls.


Ikea Hack Stikwood Headboard

Image via Sugar and Cloth

Transform a basic white bedframe into a dynamic wooden masterpiece by cutting and stamping on small pieces of Stikwood. Remember, once the headboard is covered, spray polyurethane over the entire surface and let dry. This will keep the color of the wood from rubbing off onto the pillows.


Weathered Wood Stikwood Ceiling

Image via Addison’s Wonderland

Stikwood makes the daunting task of installing wood ceilings a little less intimidating. While pasting on the boards does require a good amount of effort, it doesn’t compare to the hassle of hammering in heavy wooden planks. Plus, the end result is simply stunning.


Reclaimed Wood Bar

Image via Bless’er House

In addition to adding some pizzaz to your kitchen bar/peninsula, stamping on Stikwood also helps protect cabinet paint from scuffing and chipping. This look is great for breaking up that one overbearing color in your kitchen by providing some interest and texture to your cooking space.


What other place in your home would benefit from Stikwood? Let us know in the comments below.

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