Real Estate’s #1 Coach Wows a Utah Crowd

For the third year in a row, Tom Ferry brought his award-winning real estate coaching presentation to Utah and filled the 500-seat theater at Jordon Commons in Sandy, UT. This event was open to all Utah real estate professionals and the crowd consisted of a mix of sales associates from several companies around the state.


Coach Ferry’s dynamic, no nonsense approach had the crowd energized and ready to hit the spring selling season. Many of the key takeaways apply to life just as much as real estate.

  1. Run plays that work. Just like in football, a successful team has go-to plays. Know your strengths and play those up. Learn and develop skills that fit your personality and that you’re confident you can run successfully and consistently.2.
  2. Know what you want, and ask for it. Vague requests rarely result in getting the desired results.
  3. Create a simple action plan for your life. Write it on a single page of paper and display it where you can see it. Create daily behaviors around those goals and success will follow. Keep it simple and attainable, but strive grow every day.
  4. The rules are changing every day! Change your business to take advantage of new marketing, new design, new messaging and new exposure opportunities.

Henry Ford said: “Businessmen go down with their businesses because they like the old way so well, they cannot bring themselves to change.” Tom reminded the crowd that just because it works today, doesn’t guarantee it will continue to be successful tomorrow. Most of the technology we use in the real estate industry today didn’t exist ten years ago.

The presentation ended with a quick Q&A about the 2017 market and what the group felt were the biggest trends in real estate. The group consensus was that the opportunity of buying or selling a home is as good as it has been in Utah in over a decade. Last year saw the highest increase in home values ever.


Coldwell Banker is proud of the work its sales associates do every day to help Utahans find their dream home.

There are over 710 independent sales associates ready to meet with you today and discuss your next move. So pull out that piece of paper, create your action plan for your next home move and make an appointment to see how Coldwell Banker can help you with your real estate needs.

Want to get more from Tom Ferry? Coldwell Banker will be hosting Tom Ferry Sales Edge on May 24-25. You can purchase tickets for this two-day sales training experience here.

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