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Valentine’s Day may be over, but one of its iconic colors, pink, has endured as a decorating staple for generations.  From vases and flowers to kitchen appliances and tiles, decorators and designers have used this color with flare to bring a pop of color, sophistication, and even drama to the homes of their clients. Read on for tips on how to incorporate this fabulous color into your home’s décor.


Furniture Focal Point

Well Designed Living Room.

Having one key piece of furniture in a pretty pink color, like a chair, chaise lounge or sofa, can really make your room pop.  If you’re not looking to spend big bucks on the purchase of a new item, give one of your furniture pieces new life by using this handy tutorial to transform it into the perfect pink accessory. The fabric doesn’t even have to be sewn to fit – just drape it artistically and tuck it into the seams a bit to hold it in place.  In fact, if you see pink jersey sheets on sale, grab them because most chairs and smaller love seats can be covered with either a queen or king flat sheet.  As an added bonus, when you stop using it as a furniture cover, it can still be used on your bed.


One Fabulous Wall

Be bold and have fun with your decor.  With so many shades of pink paint, surely there is a wall in your home that can benefit from Smashing Pink, Blanched Coral, Sweet Taffy, Pink Popsicle, Paradise Pink, Pink Bliss, or maybe even I Love You Pink.  Paint is a relatively inexpensive weekend DIY project that can completely update and change the feel of your home.  Add chairs, window treatments, throw rugs and accent pillows in contrasting shades like black and green for added drama.  If you really want to be bold, use accent pieces with leopard and zebra prints like the ones in these examples.


Go Subtle for a Big Impact

The pink in your life doesn’t have to be big and bold. Incorporating splashes of the color in a small and subtle way can make a huge impact in your home’s decor.  Accent pieces like throw pillows, flowers, vases, lamps, lamp shades, waste paper baskets, frames around mirrors and decorative glass can all lend pink color and drama to a room.  Have fun with your décor and play with solids and prints for contrast and style.  Hang pale, blush pink drapes for a faint hint of color that will brighten the mood in a room.  If you think an afternoon “thrifting” or haunting consignment and antique shops is a great way to spend a day, keep your eye out for artwork and retro objects in pink that you can use as focal points in your home.  Hang or set the piece in a place where it can’t be missed, by arranging the room around it, as showcased by Apartment Therapy.


Kitchen Fun

Looking to update your kitchen? Need a new refrigerator or stove?  Retro appliances in pastel colors are in fashion.  In addition to pink mixers and blenders, major appliances with modern energy efficient features are available in pink shades, like this kitchen in Smart Homes Design and Decor.  Even small kitchens can benefit from a pink retro refresh, such as this kitchen designed by Krista Ewart.  Other options to incorporate pink into your kitchen include installing backsplashes, counters and floor tiles.  For something less lasting, change out the towels, soaps, dish cloths, pans or cooking utensils.


Don’t Demo That Pink Bathroom

"Very small bathroom that has not been updated. (There are numerous small imperfections, for example the bottom wooden panels of the cupboard containing the sink show some water damage.)"

Did your home come with a “Mamie Pink” bathroom?  Many homes built in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s still have their iconic pink bathrooms, which are a wonderful part of home design heritage.  The queen of pink bathrooms (and pink everything else) was Mamie Eisenhower, wife of former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  It is reported that even the cotton balls in her bathroom in Gettysburg were pink.  She redecorated all the private quarters in the White House in pink, and her husband sent her pink flowers every morning.  So in true Mamie fashion, embrace your pink bathroom and restore it instead of replacing it.  If you aren’t lucky enough to have a home with a cool retro bathroom there are plenty of modern fixtures and tiles available in shades of pink for a remodel.  However, there are also many ways to incorporate pink into your bathroom without a full remodel.  Just add towels, washcloths, shower curtains, window treatments, and other small items like toothbrushes, candles and vases of flowers.


From the quick and easy, like changing the flowers in a vase, to the more complicated, like remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the color pink into your home.

Do you have a fabulous retro pink bathroom, or a favorite pink accessory?  Share a picture of it below in the comments.

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