Meet DeAnna Dipo, the New President of Utah’s Association of REALTORS®

DeAnna Dipo was born to lead. For almost 20 years, she’s been at the forefront of Salt Lake City’s dynamic real estate market where she’s successfully maneuvered her way through the hurdles the industry can bring.

She started her career in 1997 with Chapman Richards and Associates – and four years later in 2001, opened up a brokerage with her family where she served clients and the community for 10 years.

Now, Dipo leads the operations of the Coldwell Banker Union Heights office where she provides Sales Associates with advice and tools to help them grow their business.

Dipo’s passion for the real estate industry doesn’t stop there. During her spare time, she advocates for the rights of fellow real estate professionals through her work in the Utah Association of REALTORS®. Her great efforts in improving the lives of those in the industry has received widespread attention – so much so, that she’s been awarded the title of President of the association.

We decided to catch up with DeAnna to learn about her new role in leading one of the state’s most recognized organizations.  

Why is it important for you to be a part of the Utah Association of REALTORS®?
For me being a part of a professional organization like the Utah Association of REALTORS® is not only valuable to my career, but it is also essential to our industry. The volunteer work we do helps protect private property rights and supports and educates our members.

How long have you been a member and how has your involvement made an impact in your business as a Sales Associate and Manager?
I have been a member of the Utah Association of REALTORS® for just over 20 years. The impact of my involvement has enhanced my professionalism, knowledge and ability to better serve my clients and the real estate industry.

How did your appointment to become a part of the association’s leadership team come about?
About five years into my career, I got involved with our local board, Salt Lake Board of REALTORS®, by serving on a committee. The impact of seeing a bigger picture and what we accomplished as an industry fueled my desire to serve on a larger scale. The saying “once you know better – you do better” is exactly how I felt. I was then elected to the Board of Directors for the Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® and went on to become President in 2011.  It is an extreme honor to serve my fellow REALTORS® in an industry I am very passionate about. From there, I was fortunate enough to serve at the state level and be elected into leadership.

What will your duties as the president consist of?
My goals and duties are to continue our efforts in our advocacy work, working with all local board presidents across the state, making sure we are meeting the needs of all our members and representing Utah Association of REALTORS® at a national level.

How do you plan to tackle your new role? Any new methods to be implemented?
I am a planner and for the most part have the year ahead all set. The CEO, Chris Kyler and his staff are like a well-oiled machine and are the best of the best when it comes to talent, hard work and professionalism. This helps make my job as the organization’s president incredibly smooth and efficient. There will be a few new ideas implemented, but for the most part, keeping things running in a positive direction on all levels is my main goal.

What makes working in Utah’s real estate market a unique experience?
I think the most unique thing in our Utah market is we have always had a great ability to work together as a state. With very different issues coming from the southern part of our state to the northern and east to west, we still have a commendable ability to come together and solve matters and support each other. Utah’s market typically does not fluctuate in extreme swings such as prices rising up or falling down, (except for the great recession of 2008), which helps make it a desirable market to work and live in.

Any final remarks you’d like to include?
It is very humbling and an honor to serve my fellow REALTORS® as their 2017 president. I am dedicated to our industry and am prepared to face any challenges that may come forward, and am extremely excited to see all the progress we make.

DeAnna Dipo’s inauguration for her new President position in the Utah Association of REALTORS® will take place on December 13 from 6pm to 9pm at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

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