Five Bright Holiday Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Home

The holiday spirit wouldn’t be complete without a little sparkle and shine. From brightly lit trees to festive garland, lights and the holiday season go hand in hand like milk and cookies.

Instead of limiting the luster to just your trees and eaves, try incorporating string lights into your home to add some extra pizzazz to your already magical décor.

Here are five creative and fun ways to incorporate the lights of the holiday season inside your cozy, winter-ready home.


Dress up a Silver Tray with White String Lights

Image via Better Homes and Gardens

Transform an ordinary silver tray into a festive party centerpiece by simply wrapping a short strand of lights around the rim and filling the tray with holly leaves, colored ball ornaments, a dish of fresh raspberries and two champagne flutes. Put your newly decorated trays around the bar for a fun twist your guests will surely appreciate.


Add Twinkle Lights to Your Hallway

Image via Nest of Posies

If you’re looking to make a statement, then highlight a spot that will instantly catch everyone’s attention – the ceiling. To create a sparkling overhead impression, all you’ll need to do is attach some icicle lights to your living room, kitchen or hallway ceilings. As soon as your guests are greeted by this magical spectacle, you won’t be able to contain all their “ooo’s” and “aww’s”.


Light Up Your Stair Railings

Image via The Family Handyman

Stair railings offer the perfect place for twirling and tying in your holiday décor. Whether it’s wrapping garland, tying bows or hanging up ornaments, there’s plenty of cheer to show off. This year, try wrapping lights around the handles for an especially festive look. Remember, use zip ties instead of tape and hooks for a mark-free spectacle.


Brighten Up Your Mirrors

Image via HomeBNC

Another fun and easy way to add some festive spirit to your home is by wrapping white string lights to your mirrors. The twinkling lights will reflect off the mirror and metallic accents to create a luminous effect. It’s an effortlessly chic way to light up the room in style.


Bottle It Up

Image via Christmas Season

If you have wine bottles lying around, then put them to good use by filling them up with battery charged lights. The great thing is that you can place them almost anywhere you want to spread some holiday cheer.


How will you incorporate string lights into your home this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

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