DIY Ski Party Ideas that Bring the Joy of the Slopes into Your Home

Our lovely state of Utah contains all of the ingredients for an epic ski season. First off, we’re known to have the best snow on earth as well as some of the best slopes in the country. Our 14 top-notch resorts are another plus, with some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders checking into our quality resorts as they tackle on the surrounding slopes.

To celebrate the kick-off of ski season, consider having your own winter soiree incorporating these cute ideas—you and your guests will get in the winter spirit in no time!



Ski Scene Cupcakes

Image via The Cake Blog

Recreate the snowy goodness of the outdoors in miniature, ski scene cupcakes. Using novelty skiers and trees as décor, you’ll transform ordinary cupcakes into a skier’s paradise.


Chocolate Peppermint Fondue

Image via Food Fanatic

This yummy fondue recipe will warm up your guests as they dip their pretzels, cake cubes, rice krispie treats and strawberries into the melted mix. The best part? It’s super easy to make and extremely delicious!


Chocolate Pretzels

Image via Food Network

These festive pretzel sticks are not only finger-licking good, they also make for cute ski pole table decorations. If you really want to take the ski theme to the next level, dip the sticks into a melted white chocolate mix and finish off with sprinkles of white sugar crystals to add a snow-like effect.



Ski Coat Rack

Image via Dishfunctional Designs

Have old skis lying around? If so, put them to good use by converting the into cool coat racks. Just paste on some hooks, stick them to your wall and voila! –  a brand-new creation that your guests will surely appreciate.


Miniature Skis with Poles Ornament

Image via 21 Rosemary Lane

Using craft sticks, toothpicks, snap fasteners and twine, you’ll create the cutest tree ornaments that are perfect for showcasing at your ski party. Expect a ton of “awws” from your guests once they see these small crafts.


Marshmallow Snowstorm

Image via HGTV

Bring a little snow to your indoor soiree with these creative marshmallow hangers. All you’ll need is embroidery hoop, fishing line, a ceiling plant hook or wall bracket, and of course, a bunch of marshmallows. This decoration makes an awesome backdrop for photos!   


Which ideas will you be incorporating into your ski party? Let us know in the comments below.


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