Fall Flare & Flavor: Essential Home Décor and Recipes Ideas for Fall

As you put on your sweater and sip on your pumpkin spice latte, you know it’s that time. With fall in full gear, leaves are falling, days are crisper and you accept all excuses to indulge in mouthwatering and comforting foods. This season is also a great time to get creative and fill your home with some DIY fall-inspired flare and flavor.

First up, the flare. Here are some DIY fall décor hacks that we absolutely love:


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Pumpkin Lights: Create the cozy glow that sets the fall scene. Whether you’re into carving pumpkins with your family or creatively setting candles in DIY candle holders, you can create a warm glow numerous ways.


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Leaf Art: When we think fall, we think leaves. One of everyone’s favorite thing about this season is jumping in the mounds of orange and brown leaves on the ground. Why not bring this fun into your home? We’re not advising to have leaves piled up in your living room, but instead try these DIY Gilded Leaves. All you need is a bag of artificial leaves, some glue or Mod Podge and glitter to add a touch of fall glam to your home.


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Centerpiece Beauty: Add some fall flare to your dining room table, front door entryway tables and coffee tables. Add fall colors to your home by making pine cone arrangements, harvest themed vases and centerpieces, pumpkin vases or a mantle of gourds.


Now that your home has the flare, what about the flavor? Here are some mouthwatering recipes that will have your family and friends praising you and the almighty pumpkin:


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Bring out some hors d’oeuvres that will have everyone asking for more. Pumpkin basil pinwheels, oven baked pumpkin fries and/or roasted garlic and rosemary hummus is the perfect start to a tasty evening.


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Now for the main course, pumpkin chili. With so many ways to make chili and so many delicious pairings, chili never gets boring and it’s a recipe the whole family will love. The addition of pumpkin to this chili not only makes it extra hearty, but also adds a delicious sweetness that goes well with all the spices. Place the chili inside of a half carved pumpkin and you have the perfect bowl for this pumpkin delight. Another crowd pleaser are chipotle pumpkin veggie burgers. This recipe is quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. It’s a pumpkin and white bean fusion that is laced with bold and smoky chipotle and spices. Definitely a must try!


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Now, dessert. Let’s face it, this is the moment we all have been waiting for. Watch jaws drop as you bring out an assortment of pumpkin pie in a jar, pumpkin spice truffles, pumpkin mousse parfaits and melt in your mouth pumpkin cookies.


How do you love to add fall into your home?

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