Sapphire Blue in Utah Homes

Sapphire. The beautiful blue gem that represents all the September babies. The centerpiece of your jewelry pieces. The stone that according to folklore, protects your loved ones from envy and harm.

Now that we’re fully in September mode and approaching autumn, it’s the perfect time to show off the rich and powerful blue color of sapphire in just about everything – from our clothing, to our accessories and even our homes.

While some houses require colored decorations to set the tone, others are lucky enough to have splashes of sapphire blue integrated in their living spaces.

Here are some Utah homes that each display the color of September’s birthstone in a unique way:

11747 S Beau Meadow Lane, Draper | $520,000


The kitchen and dining spaces of this Draper home show us how to display rich blue tones in a bold, but minimalistic manner. To start off, the updated kitchen’s dark blue wall and island cabinets paired with black countertops master a sophisticated and modern look. Also incorporating blue is the dining space, where a wooden table coupled with dark blue chairs plays up the gem’s colors without overdoing it.

204 E Ensign Vista Drive, Salt Lake City | $1,299,000


Gracefully harmonizing two different tones of blue is this spectacular Salt Lake City home that uses the dual color tones in its living room wall colors. The light and dark shades provide a cool contrast, making the space look large and modern. And although it’s not a common color for a living room, blue definitely makes the space pop in a way that only sapphire could.

672 N Pioneer Fork Road, Salt Lake City | $995,000


This traditional custom built home takes blue to the next level by using the color in a number of rooms including the master bedroom where a baby blue tone is displayed on all four walls. The soft yet prominent color is the perfect complement to the cream walls that grace the majority of the home. We can’t help but gush over this cool blue that provides a warm and comforting aura.

Which sapphire colored room is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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