Mother of All Boogies Skydiving Festival Flies Into Moab This Week

More than just a boogie, it’s the mother of all boogies! Don’t miss this exhilarating sky diving festival combined with the best Moab has to offer. Starting on September 22 and running through September 25, the 13th annual Mother of All Boogies (M.O.A.B) invites skydivers from all over the world to converge on beautiful Moab for four full days of high altitude skydiving complete with camping, parties, on-site massages and more. Non-skydivers are welcome as spectators and those seeking their own adrenaline fix will have the opportunity to make a tandem dive during the event if they choose. Check out the complete schedule here.

Boogie Roots

If you thought “boogie” meant a style of blues or dancing to a strong, fast beat, you’re not wrong. You’re more than welcome to boogie at this event. However, here boogie means a gathering of skydivers for a single purpose – to skydive. These activities are more focused on fun rather than competition, which gives an adrenaline rush for all involved. These divers love what they do and it sure shows!

It all started 12 years ago when Bryan Burke of Skydive Arizona approached a fledging drop zone owner, Clint McBeth, about putting on a unique boogie in beautiful Moab. Moab is such an extreme location offering so many outdoor recreation opportunities including hiking, mountain biking, rappelling, climbing, white water rafting, off roading and so much more, making this the perfect location to develop a boogie location unlike any other. Imagine skydiving into a canyon and then being able to white water raft out?! Pretty amazing. Or what about what about jumping out of an Otter into a 5-star resort nestled in the canyons along the Colorado River right in time for a sunset dinner? I mean, sold. Read more about how this event started at

Land to Luxury

Give yourself a chance to fully experience this action packed weekend by unwinding the right way. Here are few resort and spa options for unwinding after your jumps:

Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa: This off the grid resort is a pure gem located on the Colorado River and focuses on a unique sustainable style. Perfect for group events or just a quiet luxurious getaway, this ranch has a lot to offer. Speaking of offers, check out these great deals.

Gonzo Inn

Aarchway Inn

Big Horn Lodge  

Moab La Quinta Inn & Suites

Moab Rustic Inn 

Red Cliffs Lodge

Boogie Basecamp  

Looking for something a little more rustic than luxury? The Mother of All Boogies offers free onsite camping. Located just south of the airport (about a five-minute drive), you will be surrounded on all sides by wide open desert so don’t worry about disturbing the neighbors. On Friday there’s free dinner at the campground for all registered skydivers (talk about being spoiled!) and Saturday get ready to throw down at the Desert Party; a DJ spinning, fun lights bonfires and other party tricks await.

Get Your Grub On

The fun doesn’t end there! Here are some of the best recommended restaurants to try while in Moab:

Moab Brewery: For those that arrive and register before Thursday evening, you will receive a coupon for FREE chicken wings at the Moab Brewery (bar area only).

Zax Restaurant & Watering Hole

Quesadilla Mobilla

Desert Bistro

Sweet Cravings Bakery & Bistro


Jeffrey’s Steakhouse

Twisted Sistas’ Café

Sabaku Sushi

Milt’s Stop N’ Eat

Jailhouse Cafe

Paradox Pizza

Moab Diner

Susie’s Branding Iron

The Spoke on Center

The Blu Pig


Whether you’re a licensed skydiver or just looking for a good time in the desert, the Mother of All Boogies is a great place to spread your wings.

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