Meet Molly Jones, Winner of Utah’s Rookie of the Year Award

You can say Molly Jones was born to work in Utah’s real estate market. A native of Salt Lake City, and a people person by heart, Molly knew early on that real estate would be the perfect profession for her dynamic personality.

She attended the University of San Diego in California where she received a degree in Real Estate and Business. During that time, she interned at various brokerages and soon started working in marketing for a team of successful brokers.

Making the move to become an Independent Sales Associate for the Coldwell Banker Salt Lake City office might have been the best one yet, since Molly has demonstrated success in the field after a short period of time.

She was recently awarded the Rookie of the Year Award for having the highest GCI for all new Coldwell Banker Sales Associates.

We recently caught up with Molly to learn what makes her so successful in the real estate industry and what her life is like outside of the office.

Congratulations the Rookie of the Year Award at the Utah Awards! How does this accomplishment feel?

Thank you! It feels great to be recognized. Many of the successful Coldwell Banker agents who I look up to have also received this award, so it feels wonderful to be placed in an award category with them. It helps validate the decision I made to jump into this career, and reminds me that this is truly what I’m meant to be doing.

What makes this award a special recognition for you?

Any company award is a special honor, but I was especially excited to receive the Rookie of the Year award because it is an opportunity that you only have one time in your career. For this reason, it was a goal I had as soon as I got started in Real Estate, so achieving that goal felt really great.

What would you say is the recipe for success in the real estate field?

I am a complete believer that your success is directly proportionate to your drive and passion in something, so you absolutely have to be committed to real estate as a career, not just a hobby, in order to be successful. Even when I had no clients and no prospects, I made a commitment to show up to work every single day, and eventually everything started coming together for me. If I hadn’t been ready to work every day, I would have missed many opportunities that led to successful sales. You can’t expect someone to commit to you as their agent if you can’t commit yourself completely to the services you’re providing.

What do you like most about working in Utah’s real estate market?

Our economy is fantastic and cost of living is still reasonable – this is a perfect equation for homeownership to be attainable for many people. I love that a huge factor for most home buyers is the lifestyle that Utah affords its residents. It is so amazing to live in an urban area and still have easy access to the mountains, desert and lakes.

What does your typical day look like?

There is no such thing as a typical day, and I love that fact about my job. My day is decided by the clients I have at the time, and I work my schedule to fit around theirs. Usually I will go over my schedule and deadlines the night before and plan my day before bed. I am always prepared to change things at the drop of the hat, though, because you just never know when that perfect house is going to list for your client.

Other than selling properties, what is another passion of yours?

My fiancé is a chef and he and I love coming up with elaborate menus and hosting dinner parties for our friends and my clients. While I take no credit for any of the cooking, I do have some fantastic skills when it comes to setting the table.

Describe your perfect weekend.

My weekend usually involves work in some way, which I actually enjoy. Many of my clients become great friends, so as long as I’m spending the weekend surrounded by great people, I’m happy. I make it a priority to block out at least half a day for myself, because I think it’s so important to not get lost in the mix of a busy work week. The perfect weekend would definitely include spending time with friends and family, and if we can get out of the city for a day or two, that’s even better!

What makes living in Utah a unique experience?

I grew up in Utah and moved to California for college. I never truly understood just how special Utah was until I left and started missing all of its unique qualities. We have four distinct seasons, and none of them are too extreme. This creates so many opportunities for outdoor activities, and allows the area to appeal to so many different types of people. It is an amazing experience to be downtown enjoying the summer sunshine and look up and see snow-capped mountains just miles away. I truly love living in Utah, and I think that fact makes it so much easier to genuinely connect with clients in real estate.

Molly is truly passionate in what she does and enjoys serving the people of the Salt Lake City community.

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