Best Campsites in Utah

From national parks and mountains to resorts, lakes, and gardens, it’s pretty apparent how beautiful Utah is. With Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, The Narrows, Angels Landing, and even the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, it makes it hard not to appreciate the unique rock formations and eclectic wildlife and plant life Utah has to offer. So why not really be one with nature and plan an action packed weekend of camping with friends and loved ones? With cabin rentals, high quality yurts, personal tents or even your own RV, there is a way to camp that fits just about anyone’s needs. Whether you’re a backpacker a glamper or something in between, there are plenty of options to get out there and enjoy Utah’s spectacular wildlife and landscape while sleeping under the stars.

Thinking of planning a camping trip? has come up with campsite recommendations which we absolutely love:

Boulder Mountain

View of Boulder Mountain from a mesa in the Escalante National Monument. Utah canyon country. American Southwest.

Boulder Mountain is one of the largest high-elevation plateaus in the United States, surrounded by numerous lakes, magnificent scenery, and unlimited primitive camping opportunities. Just think, heavily forested areas surrounded by water…Beautiful, right? This site is also one of the best locations to catch large brook trout so pescatarians are very much welcome.

Mirror Lake/Hwy. 150

"Mirror Lake in Uinta Mountains Utah, USA. Captured as a 14-bit Raw file. Edited in 16-bit ProPhoto RGB color space."

The Hwy. 150 stretch offers numerous camping opportunities along the west side of the Uinta Mountains. The campgrounds are very popular so make sure to reserve your spot early! Breathe in some clear mountain air and fish the lake by boat or from shore to truly enjoy this relaxing alpine setting.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

37°1'57" N 112°43'40" W

The title says it all for this campsite. Surround yourself with spectacular dunes of warm, pink sand. Initially formed by the erosion of pink-colored Navajo sandstone, these dunes are shredded by four-wheelers all year long. This campsite has a lot to offer such as hiking, rafting, horseback riding, campsites with restrooms and showers, and of course, ATV rentals.

Goblin Valley

Group of sandstone hoodoos in late afternoon sun, Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

Once recognized as a national monument, Goblin Valley is truly unique and unlike any other place in Utah. People say this state park has a “Mars” feel to it due to its landscape covered with sandstone goblins and formations, nooks and gnomes. With the option to rent a comfortable Yurt and activities such as mountain biking, disk golf, hiking, and night sky viewing opportunities, Goblin Valley is absolutely one of a kind. This may be that once in a lifetime chance to make that going to Mars childhood dream of yours come true.

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