Celebrating the Love of Family

The life of a law enforcement officer is one that comes with a whole lot of risk and danger. There is no typical day or routine for an officer, since dangerous situations pop up at any given time. And this uncertainty not only has an effect on the officers; their families also have to deal with the worries that their beloved may come home injured, or not come home at all.

Although a career in law enforcement may be extremely dangerous and stressful, officers love the fact that their job is to help the greater good of the community by protecting its citizens from dangerous situations and/or people. And their families are proud to be a part of the bravery that comes with this role.

Christine Carver, an Independent Sales Associate Broker from Coldwell Banker Ogden’s office, is familiar with the feelings of uncertainty and pride these families feel because she is married to a law enforcement officer and experiences this mix of emotions on a daily basis.

With this knowledge in mind, Christine wanted to give back to local officers and their families for all the sacrifices they go through in order to serve their communities. “I wanted to show every officer, regardless of department or county, that they are appreciated and I wanted to give every family a token of appreciation.”

That’s why Christine decided to host a “Law Enforcement Photo Day” in Coldwell Banker’s Ogden office.


The event gave officers and their families a chance to be photographed by a professional photographer in a professional setting.

“I know that many officers and their families are single-income, and worse, they’re extremely poorly paid, so taking a family portrait can be an expensive and overwhelming task for them,” says Christine.

Families from all over the state came to take their family portraits at the Ogden office and shared laughs, memories and common experiences amongst one another.

The event was truly a success and Coldwell Banker is happy to have been a part of this memorable moment.

Click here to look at the gorgeous photos from the event!

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