Utah’s Best Pies for Pi Day

March 14 is National Pi Day. And for all the math geeks out there, Pi Day (aka 3.14) is the quintessential holiday for celebrating the universal number for circumference over diameter.

For the rest of us, Pi Day is a great reminder of the excruciating math problems we spent hours solving back in high school.

And while Pi Day may just seem like a holiday tailored to those who love numbers, it’s also a great excuse to for sweet tooths who love a good pun to binge on Utah’s best pies in honor of this mathematical constant.

So if you’re in the mood for some great pie, and of course, to celebrate the beauty of math, then stop by any of these pie shops and indulge on the best this holiday has to offer!

Croshaw’s Gourmet Pies | 175 West 900 South, St. George

Croshaw’s Gourmet Pies is the ultimate spot to celebrate Pi Day. With 34 traditional flavors ranging from French apple to German chocolate, and with specialty pies like sour cream pumpkin and mince, this pie shop will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth on this special holiday.

The Pie Pizzeria | 4300 Harrison Blvd., Ogden

If you’re in the mood for a pie more appropriate for lunch/dinner, then the Pie Pizzeria is the place to go. The cool thing about this pizzeria is that you can build your own pie, with toppings such as Italian sausage, breakfast bacon, bay shrimp, smoked oysters, artichoke hearts and smoked gouda cheese. And for those who prefer to eat vegan, the shop also offers plenty of veggie toppings.

Penny Ann’s Café | 1810 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City & 280 East 12300 South, Draper

This cute family-friendly diner chain serves delicious comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dessert. Can you guess what’s on the menu for dessert? Of course, it’s none other than delicious pie! Over 10 different flavors like banana cream, chocolate peanut butter, and old-fashioned buttermilk are served on a daily basis. With Penny Ann’s Café’s pies, you’ll never want this holiday to end.

Veyo Pies | 24 S. Main, Veyo

The small town of Veyo is a rural community known for its peaceful and tranquil living. It’s also known for being home to Veyo Pies & Bakery, a small shop with pies of enormous flavors! You can indulge in a variety of fruit, cream and specialty pies. Our favorites would have to be Mountain Berry, Sour Cream Lemon, and Veyo Volcano.

So embrace your inner math nerd and celebrate Pi Day with a slice of your favorite Utah pie!


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