With Spring around the corner, Pantone’s colors of the year for 2016 are the perfect way to incorporate the soft colors into your spring wardrobe and around the house!

Pantone made their selections in response to events in 2015 which encouraged the blurring of gender lines and for people to go against social norms. What better way to keep the momentum going than to have the color authority choose the gentle Rose Quartz and the soothing Blue Serenity as our colors of the year?

Photo via Pantone

According to Pantone, they are taking a “unilateral approach to color

[that coincides] with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity.” They say the blend of these two classic colors makes us feel reassured and secure, something that is desired in today’s society.

Pantone recognizes the traditional perceived male and female dichotomy of blue and pink and frames their choice in a broader context of meaning that goes beyond paint choices and fabrics.

These colors, historically, evoke thoughts of a nursery or cotton candy at a carnival, but these days, Pantone says that the exchange of information online has opened their eyes to different approaches to color usage.

On its own, pink has almost become a new neutral that, in concert with other colors, has a wide range of moods and associations.

Blue, on the other hand, evokes trust, honesty and loyalty. The color for water and sky is used for a cool sense of order and peace.

Once people get past the baby nursery stigma, we’ll see a wealth of possibility for design and interiors with these differing colors. Even though the warming effect of Rose Quartz and the calming nature of Serenity might be ideal for bedrooms, they can be used in other areas of a home beautifully.

Dining Room 

Photo via HGTV

For a dining room, consider artfully arranging dishes and painting the ceiling in the soft blue, to add a sense of eccentricity to a traditional space. Also, patterned curtains and blue chair slip covers can turn a formal dining room into an inviting, casual dining room. For dinnerware, the blue serenity is a great color for dishes when paired with either silver or gold flatware. Try these from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Children’s Bedroom

Photo via Home Best

These colors are already ideal for a child’s room, why not make them pop? Subtle stripes and bold patterns complement the shades perfectly. Patterns are essential and can change an entire room. Be daring. Mix and match patterns in the same color to add character. This light pink and blue print bedding from Beddinginn combines the two colors perfectly.


Photo via This Old House

Incorporating this dusky shade of blue into your kitchen is a great way to bring out a comforting yet cheerful feeling to the heart of the house. Next time you decide to remodel your kitchen, think about painting your cabinets and island to a soft blue shade.

Family Room/Living Room

Photo via Better Homes

Light blue walls along with light blue curtains makes for a soothing but lively mixture of colors. Adding some throw pillows that chicly combine the two colors of the year will also compliment the room nicely. This patterned blue and pink throw pillow from Society 6 will really get these colors across nicely.