Five Easy Ways to Make Your Home Super Cozy This Winter

Winter is definitely in full effect in Utah! With a combination of snowstorms, rain, and cold temperatures, it seems almost impossible to stay warm and snug in our beautiful state. You may be forced to bundle up outdoors, but that doesn’t have to be the case in your home.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your house warm and cozy (without having to wear all the extra layers!):

Keep your windows covered: 

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Covering your windows with curtains, sheets or blankets can really make a difference in keeping your house nice and toasty. The covered windows will prevent the warmth from escaping your home – and the cold from entering it. You can even cover your doors for extra coziness! In need of some stylish curtains? For optimal warmth, look for thermal curtains or heavy fabrics. Pottery Barn has the perfect velvet drapes that will do the trick. If you love your current curtains, consider a curtain liner, like the Alcott Hill Payater Liner from Wayfair. Bonus: It also keeps you cool in the summer by repelling heat.

Insulate your house:

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While professionally insulating your home can cost thousands of dollars, a do-it-yourself insulation can be priced around $500. You can purchase rolls of foam insulation or use alternatives like mineral wool, glass fibre, or recycled paper products for a favorable result. Check out Home Depot for some great home insulation products. 

Buy a rug:

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We often take them for granted as mere decorations, but rugs are much more than that. Their main purpose is to keep cold air from seeping up into our homes. So next time your debating on purchasing a rug based on its looks, remember it’s biggest advantage. Take a look at these beautiful on-sale rugs from Overstock and these budget-friendly rugs from Target.

Keep your kitchen cozy:

Photo via Smitten Kitchen

Improve your cooking skills by spending more time in the kitchen. Not only will you master the art of baking, but you will also keep your kitchen warm while enjoying yummy food. Here are some fun February-inspired recipes to try this winter from Buzzfeed.

Change your bedding:

Photo via West Elm

The most comfortable place in your home may need a makeover. Swap those cotton sheets for flannel – a material known for its warmth and comfort – and make the most of these cool winter nights. Trust me, after a long day of freezing temperatures, your body will thank you. You can find warm bedding at JC Penney, West Elm, Macy’s and even some ideas for the kids at Apartment Therapy.

While warming up your home may be the ultimate goal, remember to relish the beautiful winter season before the hot temperatures commence.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to keep your home cozy during the winter months? We’d loved to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section below!

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