Labor Day Party: Backyard Movie Night

Looking for something fun to do this Labor Day? Spice up your typical end of summer BBQ by creating a blockbuster backyard movie night. With warm summer nights quickly coming to an end, this could be the perfect summer send off.

Here are a few handy tips and tricks to pulling off a fabulous “night out at the movies” in your very own backyard.

  1. Secure a Reliable Projector and Screen: First thing’s first—you can’t have a movie night without a good projector and screen. This portable FAVI LCD Projector at Office Depot is the perfect addition for a movie night with friends and family. And if you’re looking to invest in a good screen, this Elite Portal Outdoor Projection Screen from Office Depot or this Inflatable Screen from Target provide a clear and sharp presentation of your movie. Hoping for something a little more budget-friendly? Several companies throughout Utah rent inflatable screens. Or, for a true low-cost option, make your own screen out of a large white sheet. Any white or light colored sheet will do!
  2. Extension Cords: Next up is extension cords. Make sure that you have enough extension cords for your projector, speakers, DVD player, laptop etc…and keep a few extra in hand in case one shorts. Places like Office Depot, Lowes and Walmart provide outdoor extension cords ranging anywhere from $10-$50. Just be sure to measure out your movie area beforehand so you purchase cords that are the right length.
  3. Cinema Treats: There’s no denying that one of the best parts of the movie theater experience is the food. But while buttery popcorn and candy coated M&Ms are a movie staple, try putting a spin on your cinema favorites for an even tastier treat like this homemade Movie Candy Popcorn loaded with Reese’s pieces and Butterfinger bites or this DIY movie night Popcorn Bar with every candy combination imaginable to satisfy the sweet tooth of just about anyone. Pair with mini sodas or juice boxes and fill up all of your popcorn creations in these fun (and free) printable pop corn labels and bags.
  4. Décor/Lighting: Once you’ve got your movie snacks in order, it’s time to focus on the décor and lighting. Think about setting aside some of your budget for comfy seating, blankets and decorative lighting to give your movie night that genuine drive-in feel. These DIY backyard theater seats are simple yet comfortable and are great for movie nights, BBQs and backyard hangouts. For lighting, string these Twinkle Gold String Lights around your trees, shrubbery or home for a soft glow. If you don’t have an outdoor budget for décor and lighting, gather up some old beach chairs, blankets and holiday lights for an equally fun and festive movie night.
  5. Pick Your Flick: Last but certainly not least is the movie itself. Depending on your crowd, you’ll probably want something that’s family-friendly and fun for everyone. To really drive home the theme, pick an end of summer, back to school or Labor Day themed movie like Stand by Me, Grease, Dirty Dancing, The September Issue, Friday Night Lights, Norma Rae or Roger & Me. Still not sure what to pick? Rotten Tomatoes created a list for the “Top 100 Kids and Family Movies” to help you out.
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