Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to have the latest gadgets, the coolest toys and the most talked about accessories? Some people scour magazines, websites and blogs. Others turn to veryfirstto.com, a British retail site enabling individuals to be the “very first to know” about newly launching luxury products and experiences. Since 2012, the site has offered it 171,000 members exclusive first looks at one-of-a-kind products and never-done-before experiences, such as a $49,000 chocolate Easter bunny and a $284,000 culinary world tour of all 109 Michelin 3-star restaurants.

Recently Previews International®, Coldwell Banker’s luxury marketing program, sat down with Amar Thapen, communications manager of VeryFirstTo.com and editor-in-chief of the site’s monthly e-zine, VeryFirstTo Know, for the July issue of Previews Inside Out to find out what luxury buyers are looking for right now.

The feature includes six sizzling items, including these custom-designed fireplace sculptures, which drew us in like moths to a flame.

“Whether you are in Milan, Miami or Manchester, a feature fireplace will not be out of place! B+D Design offered up these amazing, custom-designed fireplace sculptures by artist Cathy Azria, who was inspired by coiled springs. The best part about these designs is that they are bespoke. The metal also reacts wonderfully to the heat, glowing red hot!”

We’re sold! These fireplace sculptures are stunning and would warm up any Utah home.

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