Summertime is a great excuse to get outdoors and stay active with family and friends. For many of us, losing weight and getting in bikini-ready shape are at the top of our summer wish lists. But what about our homes? Don’t they deserve a little summer makeover too?

Well lucky for us, The National Association of REALTORS® consumer-facing site, HouseLogic, has outlined a few easy DIY projects homeowners can start and finish over one summer weekend. And the best part? All of the projects are easy on the wallet costing less than $300, so you can still go on that vacation you’ve been planning.

If you’re ready to get your home into tip-top shape this summer, consider tackling a few of these DIY home projects that will have the whole neighborhood checking out your home in no time.

1. Add a Garden Arbor Entry

First up on HouseLogic’s list to improve your home’s curb appeal? Installing an enchanting garden arbor on your entry way or garden. Decorate the arbor with vines and vibrant flowers to add a pop of color and a touch of romance to the outside of your home. Here’s what you’ll need:

Specs and cost: According to HouseLogic, you can find nice-looking kits in redwood, cedar, and vinyl at your local home improvement or garden center for around $200 to $300 like this Semi-Glossy White New England Garden Arbor from Lowe’s or this Cypress Garden Arbor from The Home Depot. Typical sizes are about 7 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide.

Tools: Screwdriver; cordless drill/driver; hammer; tape measure. Kits come pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly, and usually include screws. If fasteners aren’t included, check the materials list before you leave the store.

Time: Three to five hours

2. Install a Window Awning

Trying to cut back on your A/C bill? Consider installing a super chic window awning—your new summer essential to beating the heat while keeping your house and backyard cooler and fashionable.

Specs and cost: When selecting your window awning, be sure to keep your home’s color theme in mind and go with a simple design like this Linen Awning from Home Depot or this Dallas Window Fabric Awning from General Awnings. Hoping for something a little more sophisticated? Consider purchasing this dome-shaped Chicago Series Window Awning or this Charleston Window/Door Awning from General Awnings. A 4-foot-wide awning with a 2.5-foot projection is around $150 to $250.

Tools: Cordless drill/driver; adjustable wrench; tape measure; level. You can install an awning on any siding surface, but you’ll need a hammer drill to drill holes in brick. To prevent leaks, fill any drilled holes with silicone sealant before you install screws and bolts.

Time: Three to four hours

3. Screen Off Your Air Conditioner from View

There’s no question that A/C is essential for the summer months—but we hate to say it…that clunky looking box isn’t doing anything for your curb appeal. That’s why HouseLogic suggests hiding your A/C condenser or heat pump unit with a simple screen. That way you can stay cool while your home looks great!

Specs and costs

According to HouseLogic, “For about $100, you can make a screen yourself using weather-resistant cedar or pressure-treated wood to build three frames, and filling each frame with plastic or pressure-treated lattice.” Just be sure that you can move the screen easily when it’s time to service your HVAC.

Tools: Hammer; saw; cordless drill/driver; measuring tape; galvanized wood screws.

Time: Build it yourself in four to six hours. Install pre-made fencing in one to two hours.

4. Add Garage Storage

Not ready to part ways with your stored belongings? Adding garage storage space not only helps you de-clutter your garage, but it also helps you create a stylish space in no time! After determining which items you need to store, consider purchasing different shelves like this Mounted Rack from Home Depot or some hooks and hangers from your local hardware store. Looking for some serious storage space? This eco-friendly Multi-Purpose Tall Cabinet from Home Depot can store your gardening tools, paint supplies and automotive gear all in one place.

Specs and cost: HouseLogic suggests setting your budget at around $300.

Tools: Cordless drill/driver; hammer; level; measuring tape; screws and nails.

Time: While this is a simple project, it’s not a fast one. Allot six to 10 hours of your weekend to get everything where you want it. It’ll be worth it though to see all of your items organized.

5. Edge Your Garden

Your garden needs a little TLC too! This is a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your garden by defining your planting beds or separating your lawn from your garden. Home Depot has loads of garden edging options like this this super cute Picket Garden Fence which costs around $12 per foot. If you’d like to go the more natural route, consider creating a distinctive landscaping design with this Landecor Overlapping Rock Edger, which goes for $3 each.

Specs and cost:  The cost is between $5 to $15 per foot. Just be sure to measure out the area of your garden that you’d like to edge before purchasing the materials so you make sure you have the right amount of materials.

Tools: Shovel; wheelbarrow; tin snips (for cutting plastic edging); work gloves.

Time: Pre-made edging will take two to three hours for 50 feet.


Do you have any fun DIY home makeover stories to share? Let us know in the comments section below!