Creating a Friendly and Stylish Home for Man’s Best Friend

National Pet Week takes place from May 3-9, giving pet owners yet another reason to celebrate their furry friends. And leading the way in this celebration is none other than man’s best friend. Known for their steadfast loyalty, love and endless kisses, there’s no question that dogs fill our homes with plenty of smiles and laughter. So what better way to return the favor than to create a more stylish and pet-friendly home to show your four-legged friend just how much you care!

Take a look into the lives these privileged pups for some “doggy design” inspiration within your own home.


Doggy Dining in Style


“Dogify” your kitchen by creating a built-in space for their food and water bowls. Because nothing says, “I love you” more than making your furry friend an official member of the family with his or her own personalized dining area, like this lovely space found on Houzz.


The Perfect Pup Retreat

Via EaDo Life Magazine

Sometimes life can be ruff. That’s why these pups take the time to de-stress after a long day at their own personal at-home “doggie spa.” Think your furry friend might enjoy something similar to this creation by FKP Architects? Check out this bone-shaped dog pool that’s a perfect way for your pup to cool off during the warmer summer months.


A Chic Abode

Via A Beautiful Mess

Dog décor doesn’t have to be boring. Check out this modern doggie bed that your indoor pooches will love. And the best part? You can make it yourself. The steps to creating this custom four-legged friendly bed can be found on A Beautiful Mess here.


Bigger is Better

Via Petite ReTreats

Big dogs need love too. Let your pooch feel like the King of the castle with their very own outdoor doghouse. This cabin-inspired doghouse is made of the stuff your pup dreams about. Looking to create your very own puppy palace? Check out some more DIY designer dog homes here.


A Special Treat

Via Pottery Barn

Fill these food canisters with your dog’s food or favorite treats to reward them for their good behavior. They’re not only useful but they’re chic and stylish too! Check out the food canisters and matching dog bowls online at Pottery Barn.


The Art of the Pet Portrait


If you’re like most of us, your beloved pup is the center of your household. So why not take a photo of them and have it printed on a canvas to add to your collection of family photos like this pet portrait found on Houzz? Not only does dog artwork warm up the home, but it also preserves their loving face for a lifetime. Check out Snapfish to create a gorgeous collection of wall canvases.


In need of some more inspiration? Check out If you don’t own a dog but are looking to get one in the future, we hope you’ll consider pet adoption. Learn more about the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project here.


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