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There is nothing quite like the memories of playing catch in the backyard. It’s warm out, the sun is going down, and in that moment only a few things matter; two people, their mitts, a baseball and a backyard. The latest ad from Coldwell Banker titled “Catch,” which debuted on March 30, perfectly captures this experience.

Catch” tells the story of how a simple game of catch is passed down from one generation to another. It begins with a father’s memory of playing catch with his dad when he was a boy and then transitions to the now adult father throwing a baseball in the backyard with his daughter. The father’s monologue ends with the line, “Just two people, a ball and a backyard. And the comfort of home.”



Watching the ad got me thinking about how I define the comfort of home. For me, the comfort of home means jasmine wafting in from outside and freshly cut roses in the living room. This goes back to my childhood home and the beautiful garden my mom cultivated, a gift and a passion passed down to her from my grandfather.

Last year my parents sold our home and I had to say goodbye to that beautiful garden. But not before taking a piece of it home with me. With help from my mom, I dug up one of the rose bushes from the yard and transported it into a pot and onto my deck, along with two small jasmine bushes I got from a local nursery. My mom showed me how to properly plant and care for the rose, but between ripping it out of its natural home, changing its environment from a yard to a pot and moving it to a cooler climate, this little rose bush had a slim chance of survival. Or so I thought. Within a couple months of arriving at its new home, the rose sprouted open its first bud. Meanwhile, the jasmine came to life and began crawling up the trellis.

Much like the family playing catch in the commercial, I can take comfort in the memories I have of my mom’s garden and find solace in tending for my own plants now as an adult. I had been living in my home for eight years, and it finally felt right. It now had the one thing it had been missing: the smell of jasmine wafting in from outside and freshly cut roses in the living room.

Every home has a story. Tell yours at ColdwellBanker.com/stories.

“Catch” is part of a series of commercials Coldwell Banker has released over the past few years that tell a story about the moments and memories that make a house a home. The ad will also air on other national networks such as A&E, AMC, Comcast SportsNet and NBC. This new ad comes on the heels of the “Home’s Best Friend” commercial which highlights what’s waiting on the other side of the door after a long day – our dog.

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