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The first day of winter is coming up this weekend on December 21. For many in Utah, that means ski trips, cozy nights by the fire and sometimes the not so glamorous tasks, like winterizing your home or deicing your windshield. It can also mean winter holidays and connecting with friends and family. Or perhaps winter means a trip to one of Utah’s national parks. This time of year they are less-crowded and the immense beauty of the white snow against the deep-red canyon walls is something to behold.

So as we get ready for Winter Solstice and the longest day of the year, start thinking about what winter means for you and your plans for the weeks and months ahead.

If you need a little inspiration, the latest issue of Previews® Inside Out is here to provide just that. The December issue is all about winter – from the editor’s picks for the best luxury ski resorts (with a nice spotlight on Park City) to decorating your home with snowy white to building the perfect mountain home to a house tour in Kauai (for those who would like to escape winter and enjoy an endless summer).

Ready for winter? Click on over to Previews® Inside Out and celebrate the winter season.

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