Three Utah Living Rooms that Personify a Perfect Winter Retreat

Winter. It’s just around the corner (and may feel like it’s already here, depending on where you live). From the frosty air to the slick icy grounds, most people can agree that winter weather is certainly conducive to long periods of “hibernation” in a cozy home.

So where do we go on this journey for warmth? We venture into our living rooms, pile on the blankets and turn on a movie for a cozy and relaxing retreat from the cold.

If your living room is feeling a little cold and uninviting then take a look at our “A-List” Utah living spaces that personify a perfect winter retreat.

1. Dramatic Elegance

This elegant living room mixes a classic cream-colored palette with dramatic wood accents. The floating staircase boasts a particularly dream-like setting, surrounded by a dripping chandelier and expansive windows that offer picturesque mountain views. With the added warmth of the lit fire and cozy couch, this living space is an ideal escape from the cold outdoors.

2. Rugged & Reclusive 

Things are heating up! We are absolutely in love with this gorgeous living area featuring an incredible two-story stone fireplace. The rugged stone texture compliments the space’s rich woodwork and open ceilings, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. We can almost envision curling up by the fireplace to a good book and a mug of hot chocolate in this reclusive property.

3. Luxury Log House

With its high vault ceilings, gorgeous wooden architecture and simplistic décor who couldn’t fall in love with this cabin-inspired living space? The delicate light fixtures highlight the rich wooden walls and ceilings, giving a whole new meaning to a log house. If the beautiful woodwork isn’t enough, take a look at the vibrant red accents, draping candle chandeliers and open windows that lead to idyllic mountain views.

Whether you decide to curl up with a blanket and turn on your favorite movie or simply enjoy the peaceful scenery of mountains cloaked in snow, one thing is for certain; the living room is the perfect escape. 

Looking for more cozy living rooms? Check out or peruse some of our favorite living spaces over on Pinterest.

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