Previews Inside Out Goes to the Future…and Beyond

Curving, fluid architecture that looks like it came from another planet. Traveling to the edges of the earth. What the future luxury consumer wants. Homes fully wired to satisfy a Jetson-esque dream. These are all the kinds of stories covered in the latest Previews® Inside Out, the luxury lifestyle blog from Coldwell Banker Previews International®…and all we can say is, this is one forward-looking issue!

First, in The Future According to Zaha Hadidthe prolific Pritzker Prize-winning architect opens up to share her thoughts on everything from urbanism and technology to this inspiration behind her neo-futuristic and highly experimental designs.

Next, Out of This World Travel takes you on a fantastic voyage for a look at recreational space tourism. Jane Poynter, CEO of World View (a company that will start offering $75,000 excursions in a pressurized capsule to the edge of space beginning in 2016), talks about galactic tourism and what it means for luxury consumers.

Then, in Reinvention of LuxuryMilton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, consults his crystal ball tells us what’s in store for the future of luxury.

Finally, Wired Wonder: Inside the Luxury Automated Home, explores the growing market for home technology with Reid Cram, director of marketing at Vantage, who talks about the advancements in the home automation space and why the technology is increasingly seen as a must-have amenity for luxury homeowners.


Excited for the future? Click on over to Previews® Inside Out for the full stories.

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