Sushi places are popping up everywhere. And, like a good Chinese restaurant in this state, a great sushi place is hard to find.

Look no further than Osaka Sushi in Layton. This place is small, but well decorated with stellar food, spot-on service and beautiful plate presentation. Located at 918 Heritage Park Blvd in the heart of Layton (and they have one in Tooele, too!).

I must admit I am a sushi novice. I have had it several times, but I never know what to order. Candy roll, white tiger roll, sunshine roll…I never remember what I have had that I liked. So, I usually go with someone much more experienced and then I order the tuna sashimi just to make sure there is something that I love.

Tonight was no exception. I visited with a friend who had been recommending the sushi spot for years and we ordered a nice sampling: Tiger roll, Naruto, Dragon roll and Bonsai roll. When the food came to our table, being the visual person that I am, I raved at how beautiful it looked. It was just as good as going to an art exhibit; bright, bold candy colors popping from the glossy white background of the plate. Some with an added river of sauce drizzled imaginatively over the offerings. I was in heaven!


Everything I tasted was amazing. I learned a little more about the food, something that I will take along with me on my next sushi adventured, and the service was excellent. It was nice to see that even though I was a newcomer, the servers did not treat me any differently than a regular customer.

If you want to learn more about Osaka Sushi, visit their Facebook page. And be sure to check them out on half-price Tuesdays! Just look at these photos – how can you resist?