Music Makes the World Go ‘Round: Summer Concerts in Utah

When you think of summer, I would bet that a good number of you picture yourselves with friends or family sitting on your favorite picnic blanket spread over the deep green grass listening to some awesome music. Outdoor music venues are a seasonal destination for so many people during the warm weather. And really, who wouldn’t want to spend an evening outside with people they like, eating and drinking and listening to good music?

Tonight, I am going to Collective Soul at the Sandy Amphitheater as part of their 20th Anniversary tour. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I first saw them back in 1994 at Desert Sky Pavilion in Phoenix, AZ, when Collective Soul was opening for Aerosmith. I was a fan of Collective Soul, but my date loved Aerosmith, so I thought it was the perfect combo for both of us. After all, this was supposed to be Aerosmith’s “last hurrah”…we all know that didn’t last very long!

It was a good concert, albeit probably the loudest concert I have ever been to. And I made it through…even though I was sitting next to a woman dressed in costume with a large snake wrapped around her arm and neck with its slithering tongue perched atop her head! I was terrified! My date couldn’t stop laughing each time I looked to my right and gave that snake the evil eye.

Ahhhh, memories! Now, 20 years later, I get to see this band again. This time with my husband who, incidentally, was my date at that Collective Soul concert so long ago. I’m sure I won’t have to sit next to a woman with a snake wrapped around her but, knowing how much my husband loves practical jokes, I’m keeping my eyes open!

For those like me who enjoy open-air concerts, there are plenty of options all over Utah this summer. No matter what kind of music you like…classic rock, current local bands, symphonic, 80’s or even tribute bands…you are sure to find some great music.

Here’s a list of open-air venues featuring summer concerts:

Sandy Amphitheater

Red Butte Gardens

Usana Amphitheatre

Deer Valley

SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre

Which bands will you be dancing to this summer?

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