The Scariest Fairy in the Land

On May 30th, Maleficent will premier in theaters all across the U.S. This is the long-awaited live-action reboot of the Sleeping Beauty story from Disney and I couldn’t be more excited!

Ever since I was a little girl, Maleficent has been my favorite Disney villain. She is the perfect example of the old adage that Disney villains are some of the scariest ever created. She is dark, unyielding, extremely powerful and she dares to target children with her murky magic.

Did you know that Maleficent is actually a fairy? She is categorized as a dark fairy and she actually had wings at one time. You can see her wings in the press photos for this film. They are not at all gossamer-like as you would imagine a fairy’s wings to be…they are huge condor-like wings with deadly hooks on the ends! I mean really, who would not be frightened when those things make an appearance?

Having had a bit of a dark side myself for as long as I can remember (at least when it comes to books, tv shows and movies), I have always thought of Maleficent as defining the meaning of wicked. She definitely translates to today’s environment. Think about why she did what she did…because she wasn’t invited to the christening of the king’s daughter. I am sure that I have seen clips of several reality shows where this same thing has happened and one of the actors has done her best to channel Maleficent by grappling on the ground with her rival and eventually pulling out someone’s hair extensions. Yeah…I’m talking to all the Housewives, Mob Wives and Hip Hop Wives! Do you people even know who Maleficent is?

Anyway, this movie is going to be epic. It even has a version of the three fairies…except they are referred to as the pixies. Because we all know that nothing in this story would turn out if it weren’t for these three guiding and planning and plotting, right?

Furthermore if you are looking for something more to feed your fantastical soul right here at home, check out Fantasy Con. This is the first fantasy-based convention of its kind and it is being held in Salt Lake City July 3-5. With the success of Comic Con earlier this year, the creators of Fantasy Con have a built in fan base and expect the event to be huge. It is fun for the whole family and it will truly be an adventure! Maleficent might even make an appearance!

Click here for more information on FantasyCon, and if you want more information on Maleficent, click here.



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