Baseball Movies Bring the Thrill of the Game

Mmmmm…the smell of freshly mowed grass, peanuts and beer. It must be baseball season.

I LOVE baseball! Not because of the traditional things like strategy, skill and camaraderie. I love baseball because of the movies…Field of Dreams, Eight Men Out, For the Love of the Game, The Sandlot, The Natural, The Rookie, Bad News Bears, A League of Their Own…I’ve seen them all.

And as much as I enjoy going to the ballpark and watching a game in person, I really enjoy watching a great baseball movie. That was how I was introduced to the game at the tender age of 5 when I saw the 1937 movie Gracie at the Bat, which immediately proved to me that baseball was my sport! And, if there was any lingering doubt, by the time I saw Bad News Bears, it was just a whisper in the wind.


When I was 9, I started playing in the girls’ softball leagues. I found that second base was my happy spot and I played all the way into college. No matter how I was feeling about my own game, I found I still loved watching baseball movies. Truthfully, I like most sports movies, but baseball movies have a very special place in my heart.

The good news is that it’s spring. That means the ballparks are open, the cleats come out of the closet where they’ve been hibernating all winter, and the baseball movies get a lot of play at my house!


I love to take my kids to the minor league games in Salt Lake to experience it first-hand. The Salt Lake Bees are a good team and they have a great ballpark. You should take in a game or two this season…then go home and watch Bull Durham or Moneyball!

Find the full schedule for the SL Bees here.

Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite baseball movie is. Maybe I haven’t seen it yet. Doubtful, but possible! Go Bees!





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