Salt Lake City Named One of the Top 10 Cities to Work in Your 60s

According to MSN Money, the online financial website, Salt Lake City ranks #2 for Best Cities to Work in Your 60s. With 33.8{b0691beea1c2f39bd1c58efe4ba0816740a602e2685bc83cc0a70ecfa3fcdf10} of our seniors remaining employed after age 60, according to the 2012 Census data, Salt Lake City is full of experienced seniors who are still trying to make a difference.  The national average is only 26.2{b0691beea1c2f39bd1c58efe4ba0816740a602e2685bc83cc0a70ecfa3fcdf10}!

For those that choose to continue working after 60, the education field is chosen most often. With a handful of nearby universities and colleges, as well as non-profit and “for profit” facilities, it’s no wonder that education as a second career is so popular.

For all the details on the MSN Money article, click here.

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