5 Spring Fashion Trends Fit for Your Home

As the spring trends move from the world’s high-fashion runways and into our stores and wardrobes, it begs the question, how does runway fashion translate into interior design? Harper’s Bazaar’s latest runway report breaks down the season’s hottest trends. From bold color and patterns to soft, romantic pastels to metallics and fringe, you can update any room by translating this year’s top Spring Fashion trends into your home.


“Let the ‘is fashion art?’ debate rage on as you wear your museum-worthy works on a frock come spring. From Prada’s Diego Rivera inspirations to Jil Sander’s prints that would make Kandisnki proud, the pattern here is suitable for gallerinas and MFAs – not to mention the less artistically inclined.” – Harper’s Bazaar
Bold and beautiful colors are big this season. Remember Pantone’s striking choice for Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid? Nowhere is the trend more evident than in the season’s use of patterns. Innovative shapes, intricate patterns and graphic designs worthy of hanging on a gallery wall take shape on dresses, blouses and skirts. To bring this trend home, mix bold colors with contrasting patterns, like this modern bedroom or this retro basement. If your taste skews more towards the traditional end of the spectrum, take a cue from Fendi’s spring/summer collection and try a more subtle palate approach by incorporating black, white and neutral patterns. Regardless of the color you choose, surrounding yourself with interesting shapes and outlines will bring excitement to you space.


“Ag, Au and Cu haven’t seen so much love since Mendeleev bestowed them with two letter symbols. Metallics for the season are more high shine lame than subdued matte, in every shade of a well-preserved coin collection.” – Harper’s Bazaar

Metallics are an easy trend to incorporate into your home décor via surfaces, paints, accessories and embellishments. Most homeowners will turn towards gold and silver, but rose gold, brass, copper, pewter and nickel offer a whole spectrum to choose from and mixed metal looks are extremely popular. A copper pendant adds on-trend shine to a room. For a more inexpensive, DIY approach, update a plain metal pendant with copper spray paint. You can also spray paint inexpensive glassware or accessories that you stumbled upon at your favorite local shop.


“Realist depictions, needlepoint connotations and painterly petals appeared like so many dutiful perennials, ready to take minimalists to task.” – Harper’s Bazaar

Forget your grandmother’s floral wallpaper; floral trends this season are bold, graphic and modern. From delicately painted tableware to pretty patterned textiles, there are countless ways to bring this trend into full bloom.  Look for items printed with petals, such as bedding, tablecloths and pillows, as well as pieces shaped like actual blooms, like this candleholder and chandelier.


“Hippies at heart take heed, fringe is making a return and it’s not coming back quietly. Worn as a neck accoutrement, inspired by Moroccan throws, on skirts, ponchos and headdresses, this confetti-effect is certainly proving its versatility.” – Harper’s Bazaar

Fringe is in the spring – big time. For an easy fringe fix, throw an accent pillow on your sofa or toss a fringed throw over an armchair. A shag rug can add just the right amount of texture without overwhelming a space. To really play up the trend, add an Art Deco style fringed chandelier to your dining room.


“In a borrowed-from-your-banker-boyfriend statement, shirting and dresses created from crisp poplins reinvent a basic. The cotton buttondown never had it so good.” – Harper’s Bazaar

When it comes to sophisticated, crisp, clean lines dressed up in white, no room is better suited for this trend than your kitchen. White painted cabinetry, a white countertop and a white backsplash can come together to create a sleek, minimal kitchen. Mix warm whites with warm whites and cool whites with cool whites for a blended, intentional look. To play up two spring trends, try also incorporating metallics or a bold floral print (three trends in one!).

What do you think of this spring’s hottest trends? What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.

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