Give Your Home A Color Boost: How to Decorate with Red

Is anyone else seeing red right now? Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, American Heart Month, and red carpet award shows all fall this time of year so it’s no wonder why I’m in love with this hot hue.

In China, red represents good fortune. In America, we associate it with love, passion and anger. Red can also signify prestige and celebration (hello, red carpet!). But what about red in your home? According to the psychology of color, red evokes strong emotions, encourages appetite, and symbolizes passion, intensity and love, making it a great tone for your kitchen, dining room or bedroom. However, red is also associated with the danger of failure in achievement contexts and can evokes avoidance motivation, so it may be best to stay away from the color in your office or study areas.

Due to its intense nature, decorating with red may require a bit of courage and some savvy design skills. But if done correctly, red rooms can be warm, inviting and sophisticated. Red is also well suited for both modern and traditional homes, making it a very versatile choice.

Ready to go red? Following are some easy ways to add red into your home.

  • Paint your front door – Select the perfect shade of red to match your home’s style. In Chinese culture, a red door can invite good luck and fortune, while in Irish culture a red door is thought to ward off evil spirits. And in many places, red simply means, “welcome.”
  • Appeal to your senses – As red stimulates appetite and conversation, add the color to your kitchen or dining room. You can add a pop of red with small appliances, dishtowels and other accessories. Or commit to larger pieces like a red stove, red chairs or a red pendant light.
  • Decorate the walls – Either a large piece of artwork or an accent wall can add real drama to a bedroom without going overboard. Best to use deep tones and avoid a bright primary red, as it may be too energetic for a restful space.
  • Use fresh flowers – A vase filled with roses, peonies or gerber daisies add instant vibrancy and energy to a room. For something a little non-traditional, consider a year-round wreath over your fireplace.
  • Dress up a monochromatic living space – Feeling bold? Go with red upholstered furniture. Looking for something a little more subdued? Try a patterned area rug or a few well-placed accessories.

Looking for some real life inspiration? What do you think about these red rooms from For even more design ideas, check out our Pinterest board.



Red accent pieces | Tour this home



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Red accent wall | Tour this home



Red upholstery and area rug | Tour this home



Subtle red touches in the dining room | Tour this home

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