Coldwell Banker’s 2014 TV Ad: Home Sweet Home

What can be said about home? Is it just four walls and a roof, a place to store furniture, a long term financial investment? Well I, for one, think home is more than the inanimate objects that make up the place where I live, the address my bills are sent to, the location I drive to every night. It’s the place where I feel safest, where I go to for comfort and to relax. Quite simply, home completes me.

For 2014, Coldwell Banker wants to acknowledge what makes a house a home – material or immaterial. Making it’s primetime debut during the 2014 Grammy Awards on January 26th, Coldwell Banker’s new ad Home Sweet Home will take 60 seconds to acknowledge all that we love about home.

Truly, there is no place like home sweet home. So let us know – what does home mean to you? We’d love to hear! For an early look at Home Sweet Home, look below.

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