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Earlier today Coldwell Banker released its 2013 ad campaign dubbed “We Believe.” The “We Believe” campaign, which officially debuts this weekend during the Grammy’s, focuses on real estate as our higher calling. Because as the ad points out, our home is truly our castle and as real estate professionals, our calling in life is to find the home that is perfect for our clients.

As you will see, the ad campaign centers around the theme “We Believe.” We believe in home and all the magical things that come with it. We believe in real estate and all the benefits it can provide. We believe in what a home can do to help a person or family grow and succeed in life. We believe in the communities where we work, live and play. We believe that there should always be an emotional part of the real estate equation, while never ignoring the rational side. We believe in the true value of a home (as wonderfully showcased in our 2012 television ad campaign). And we believe more than ever that a home is really your castle and we celebrate all the memories and experiences that make it so.

We hope you’ll notice the music, “Home,” which was performed by Phillip Phillips, winner of last year’s American Idol. The song is the perfect tie in to what we do each and every day and positions Coldwell Banker well on tap with current trends. This is an ad campaign that we can all truly believe in.

Plus, be sure to tune into the Grammy’s this weekend as we watch Coldwell Banker’s big debut on music’s most watched award event.

Coldwell Banker 2013 | We Believe

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