Realogy Calls for White House Summit on Housing – A message from Realogy CEO Richard Smith

Earlier this morning, we issued a press release announcing Realogy’s formal request to President Obama calling for a White House Summit on Housing. We have asked the President and his Administration to seek recommendations from real estate business leaders to help stimulate a sustained housing recovery.

Housing has an enormous impact on our nation’s GDP and given its substantial influence on all aspects of the economy, we believe it warrants special attention from the White House. The key to the proposed White House Summit on Housing would be its emphasis on bringing together real estate business leaders to make actionable recommendations designed to stimulate the growth necessary for a sustained recovery in housing, which would have an ensuing positive effect on job creation and the broader U.S. economy.

We believe that frontline business operators from the residential real estate industry would add a valuable perspective to the process, and this summit would give the Administration the benefit of unfiltered, real-time market feedback from business leaders who are residential brokerage operators, real estate franchisors, homebuilders, mortgage lenders and other related industry groups.

In closing, we believe the President’s leadership on this issue would bring together the top business minds of the residential real estate industry at a time when practical business experience may very well offer the guidance necessary to stimulate housing, and thus, the U.S. economy.

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