The Truth: Coldwell Banker is not a bank!

A mistake that Coldwell Banker sees from time to time is that some consumers think that we’re a bank. Our agents have even shared some funny stories about it on our Facebook page! So we thought it was time to deal with this in a humorous way…

We have partnered with popular comedy website to create new a video series called The Truth! Hosted by comedic actor Alan Thicke and filmed like an “Unsolved Mysteries” episode, The Truth! reveals a common misconception in today’s society and then explains the reality behind the myth – then subtly mentions the fact that Coldwell Banker is not a bank.

The first episode deals with a common mistake about bulls and the color red. There are three episodes in total and one will be released every Monday for the next two weeks. Click here to view the video and be educated by The Truth!

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